Thank you

By Anne-Julie

Heart shaped handmade box, thank you Emma G. for sending me this photo!

I always feel blessed when my dear customers send me photos from their home, with my illustrations hanging on the walls or standing on shelves or furniture. It really shows me how people are living with my art around them, how it surrounds them with special feelings and colors.

Gitanjili P. sent me this photo today, amazing display. Thank you sweetie!

I know I’m less active here than before, but be sure I’m still here, creating, illustrating, painting… and that your support means a lot to me, more than ever ! This blog post is dedicated to all my dear fans and customers from all these years. Those who follow my art journey, my artist life and connecting what I do with their own personal life. To all of you, THANK YOU ❤

I sometimes feel I’m on the Internet creative sphere for too long now. I see a whole new energy coming from new artists and artisans, and I wonder if I still have my place in this. Maybe it’s seeing too many things every day on all these social medias, from all these accounts on Instagram, Facebook and such, from super talented people. Maybe it’s just coming from me, inside me, asking myself a lot of questions. Maybe I’m just not enough good, or maybe I still am. Most probably, it’s just my artist way of life giving me another “Am I still an artist?” feeling. But I recently found out that if I still have this creative energy in me, then I still have my seat in this creative world too. I know I have still some legitimacy to be on Internet and to show my Art. I know I’ll always create and illustrate.. so let’s continue to share what I do with the connected world :)

Fans can be so creative, it amazes me! Thank you Laura!

If you, too, have photos you’d like to share with me, you can send them to me by email or even in a Facebook PM. I’d love to see that!

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Bracelets & Necklaces

By Anne-Julie

Eng/ New jewelry available in my Etsy shop : bracelets and necklaces this time! Find your perfect piece or make a beautiful gift ❤

Fr/ De nouveaux bijoux sont disponibles dans la boutique sur Etsy: Cette fois bracelets et colliers/sautoirs sont disponibles! Faîtes-vous plaisir, ou trouvez le parfait cadeau ❤

Lotus Handmade Bracelet - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry“Lotus”

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry“The Art Collector”

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry

“Il Etait une Fois” (Once upon a time)

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry

“Alice in a Jar” (Alice in Wonderland)

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry

“Kumiko & Brise Parfumée”

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry

“The Sleeping Beauty”

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry

“Come Sweet Death”

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry

“The Queen of Hearts” – SOLD/ VENDU

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry

“Follow Me”

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry

“Shoot for the Moon…”

Handmade  Jewelry - (c)Anne-Julie Aubry“Blue Field Memories”

New paper letter writing sets

By Anne-Julie

Eng/ Hey everyone, it’s been time since my latest post blog !! Social medias are taking most of my attention and I keep on neglecting my own little nook, bad bad me!

Today I’d like to show you my newest designs of letter paper writing sets. I’m so over the moon with them! To my delight, I realize that more and more people are using snail mail again rather than emails. Many clients ask me for stationery and postcards to share most of the time with their friends around the world. This is so great in this world where almost everything is digital. Are you one of them? Do you like to send letters and postcards by snail mail? Are you maybe a postcrosser?

Fr/ Coucou à tout le monde, ça fait déjà un bail depuis mon dernier post!! Les réseaux sociaux attirent toujours beaucoup mon attention, et du coup je continue de négliger mon petit coin de blog, bouh. Mais je continue de travailler sur ces mauvaises habitudes promis.

Aujourd’hui, je voudrais vous montrer mes nouveaux modèles de papier à lettres. J’en suis super fan! Et pour ma plus grande joie, je me rends compte que de plus en plus de personnes envoient du courrier postal plutôt que du courrier électronique. Beaucoup de clients me demandent des articles de papeterie et de nouveaux modèles de cartes postales.. pour partager et envoyer la plupart du temps avec leurs amis du monde entier! C’est tellement génial dans ce monde où presque tout est numérique. Êtes-vous l’une de ces personnes? Aimez-vous envoyer des lettres et des cartes postales par notre bonne vieille Poste? Vous êtes-vous peut-être même un(e) “postcrosseur(euse)”?



Frida – Set de papier à lettres / Letter Paper Writing Set



Alice in a Jar – Set de Papier à Lettres / Letter Paper Writing Set


Prints & Postcards SALE + new jewelry!

By Anne-Julie

prints from Anne-Julie Aubry

 ( Photo : Sanae Kaetsu )

Eng/ I have created new beautiful pieces of jewelry a few days ago, and listed them on Etsy! Some have already flew away, but I still have lovely necklaces waiting for new homes! Here’s a little selection. I hope you’ll like them! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want a special piece made especially for you, I’ll be happy to create it ❤

Also… There’s a Print and Postcard SALE in the shop! Running from today June 13th until July 2nd. Get 30% OFF these products, any design! Visit the shop :

Fr/ J’ai créé de nouveaux jolis bijoux il y a quelques jours, et ils sont déjà disponibles sur Etsy! Certains se sont déjà vendus, d’autres sont encore disponibles et attendent une nouvelle maison! Voici une petite sélection, j’espère qu’ils vous plaisent! N’hésitez pas, si vous avez une envie particulière, de m’en faire part. Je peux réaliser un bijoux sur demande ❤

Et.. il y a aussi une promo en boutique!! Profitez de -30% sur sur les tirages et les cartes postales du 13 Juin au 2 Juillet. Le lien de la boutique:

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