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Thank you

By Anne-Julie

Heart shaped handmade box, thank you Emma G. for sending me this photo!

I always feel blessed when my dear customers send me photos from their home, with my illustrations hanging on the walls or standing on shelves or furniture. It really shows me how people are living with my art around them, how it surrounds them with special feelings and colors.

Gitanjili P. sent me this photo today, amazing display. Thank you sweetie!

I know I’m less active here than before, but be sure I’m still here, creating, illustrating, painting… and that your support means a lot to me, more than ever ! This blog post is dedicated to all my dear fans and customers from all these years. Those who follow my art journey, my artist life and connecting what I do with their own personal life. To all of you, THANK YOU ❤

I sometimes feel I’m on the Internet creative sphere for too long now. I see a whole new energy coming from new artists and artisans, and I wonder if I still have my place in this. Maybe it’s seeing too many things every day on all these social medias, from all these accounts on Instagram, Facebook and such, from super talented people. Maybe it’s just coming from me, inside me, asking myself a lot of questions. Maybe I’m just not enough good, or maybe I still am. Most probably, it’s just my artist way of life giving me another “Am I still an artist?” feeling. But I recently found out that if I still have this creative energy in me, then I still have my seat in this creative world too. I know I have still some legitimacy to be on Internet and to show my Art. I know I’ll always create and illustrate.. so let’s continue to share what I do with the connected world :)

Fans can be so creative, it amazes me! Thank you Laura!

If you, too, have photos you’d like to share with me, you can send them to me by email or even in a Facebook PM. I’d love to see that!

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“Out of the Shadows”

By Anne-Julie

"Out of the Shadows"  - 2013 © Anne-Julie Aubry

Out of the Shadows 2013 – (click to enlarge)

Eng/ This is a new version of “Out of the Shadows”, a traditional painting I created in 2007 for “Delirium Tremens”, a group show with Carmichael Gallery, in Los Angeles CA (USA).
“Out of the Shadows”depicts a depressed woman who use the strenght of darkness to get stronger instead of plunging even more into depression.

Fr/ “Out of the Shadows” (= sortir de l’ombre) est à l’origine une peinture traditionnelle que j’avais réalisée en 2007 pour l’exposition intitulée “Delirium Tremens” organisée par la Carmichael Gallery , à Los Angeles CA, USA. Cette illustration représente une femme dépressive qui, au lieu de plonger un peu plus encore dans les ténèbres, utilise la force de  leur noirceur pour devenir plus forte.

inner thoughts and…

By Anne-Julie

Eng/ I won’t say it enough: time flies too fast – It’s already October! When I look back at my apocalyptic beginning of the year (how funny that when I read again this post, I feel I was a little girl. I grew up so much since), then my unexpected big love crush with a new man, and the rather big amount of work I have achieved and I have still ahead of me.. Let’s say it: this year things are intense. I understand now why I feel so exhausted today. Every little task I usually do everyday is like an insuperable mountain lately. I’d need to slow down, but unfortunately I can’t, it’s not the moment! I move out in one month 3 weeks omg. My man and me are going to settle down together in a sweet little nest! New town, new home, new life. It was such a decision, I tell you! But we decided to do it. I love my man and I just couldn’t end the year on the negative event that happened back in January. Is it the same year?… I feel like 2 or 3 years have passed. How strange. It all looks so far away.

So this said, right now I am scared of the big amount of moving boxes!


New Necklaces!!!!!!!

***Etsy Shop update: next Monday, October 11th

@ 8pm (Paris time)***

Drop by the shop to grab your favorite necklace =) As I have a lot of work scheduled I’m not sure I will create more before the end of the year, so don’t miss your chance. If you want to see bigger pics, you can check this Flickr album.

Fr/ Je crois que je ne le dirai jamais assez: le temps passe trop vite – C’est déjà Octobre! Quand je repense à mon début d’année apocalyptique (c’est drôle que quand je relis ce post, j’ai l’impression que j’étais une gamine. Cette histoire m’a fait grandir indubitablement), puis cette rencontre inattendue avec l’homme avec qui je partage ma vie aujourd’hui et puis la grosse quantité de travail que j’ai eu et que j’ai encore devant moi… Disons le: cette année, les choses sont intenses. Je pas trop saisi au début mais maintenant en faisant le bilan rapide de tout ça je comprends pourquoi je me sens épuisée ces temps-ci. Chaque petite chose  que j’ai l’habitude de faire au quotidien m’apparait comme une montagne infranchissable. Il faudrait que je ralentisse un peu le rythme mais malheureusement ça va être difficile là! Je déménage dans un mois 3 semaines. Mon homme et moi allons nous installer ensemble. Nouvelle ville, nouvelle maison, nouvelle vie. Ça a été une grosse réflexion/décision, mais on se lance. Avec ce qu’il s’est passé en Janvier, et ce qu’il se passe aujourd’hui, je me demande si l’on est dans la même année? … J’ai l’impression que 2 ou 3 ans se sont écoulés. C’est super étrange, tout semble si loin.

Donc, ceci étant dit, là tout de suite par exemple je pense aux cartons du déménagement et je me dis “ARGH”!

A part ça….. y’a des nouveaux colliers! Je vais les ajouter sur Etsy Lundi (11 Octobre) soir à 20h. S’ils vous plaisent, essayez d’être là à l’heure comme toujours… En plus je ne suis pas sûre que je pourrai trouver le temps d’en refaire avant la fin de l’année. Si vous voulez jeter un œil sur les photos plus grandes, j’ai tout mis dans cet album Flickr.
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Inspiration today : Rockettothesky

By Anne-Julie

Eng/ New inspiration today..  Rockettothesky – Grizzly Man. Luminous, fragile and enchanting. As always please turn off my playlist in the right column to fully enjoy this video.

Fr/ Inspiration aujourd’hui..  Rockettothesky – Grizzly Man. Enchanteur, lumineux et fragile..  Comme toujours éteignez la playlist dans la colonne de droite pour pouvoir apprécier le clip (:

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