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Moana – Vaiana!

By Anne-Julie

Moana - Vaiana - Disney inspiration (c)2017 Anne-Julie Aubry

Eng/ New illo created for Mila. She loves Vaiana (Moana for you US fans), and basically all other Disney princesses too! It was a fun one to create for me, as I rarely draw girls with darker skin. Hope you like her! Find her on Etsy.

Fr/ Nouvelle petite illu. créée pour Mila. Elle adore Vaiana, et d’ordre général, elle adore aussi toutes les autres princesses Disney d’ailleurs.. Ça a été un très bon exercice pour moi qui suis plutôt habituée à dessiner des demoiselles aux peaux plus claires. J’espère que vous l’aimerez! Retrouvez là sur Etsy.

Better late than never.. Happy New Year!

By Anne-Julie

Hope - Anne-Julie Aubry 2016

Happy New Year! Bonne année! Feliz Año Nuevo!

Let me wish you Hope, Joy, Love, Friendship, New Discoveries, Good Health for the new year and.. well I just wanted to quote a great Artist named Jacques Brel :

“I wish you never-ending dreams
the crazy need to realize one of them
I bid you love what should be loved
and to forget what should be forgotten
I wish you passions
I wish you silences
I wish you birdsong on awakening to a brand new day
and children’s laughter
I wish you to resist to floundering, to indifference, to the negative virtues of our era.
Above all I wish you to be yourselves.”

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